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    '69 Dodge Charger Hot Wheels

    by Robert Yingst Deer Park, WA on August 24, 2018
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    This story begins way back in 1969 when I received a Purple 69 Dodge Charger Hot Wheels for my 10th birthday. I know I hadn't played with it very long before I had lost it. This Hot Wheels has stayed on my mind all these years and I had always figured I had lost it somewhere in the big farm house. Throughout the years as I had helped my parents clean various rooms I always kept an eye out for the car. No such luck.

    I have always wanted a metal detector and finally purchased a Garrett AT Max this past spring. About the second day out with it on the farm, I was practice searching and learning some of the tones and what each one represented. I was over by an old building and came upon a large tone and realized it was something longer and dug up an old license plate. That was kind of cool so I stood up and started detecting again and moved over about another foot and got another large hit. I figured it was just another piece of aluminum foil but I dug anyways. After digging my plug I flipped it over and couldn't believe my eyes. There it was. My purple Dodge Charger.

    After cleaning it up, all those years being buried had been a little tough on the paint and all the exterior chrome was gone but the hood had been closed and the engine still retained its chrome. This may not have been an expensive find but the 49 year mystery was finally over. And yes... it does have a Hemi.

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