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    Colonial Silver

    by Troy Blanchard Portsmouth, NH on September 21, 2017
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    I had about a half hour to hunt so I didn't go to a permission but rather a park close to the house. This park was created in the mid 1800's but obviously the ground had been walked upon since it was settled in 1623. I was using my XP Deus with a 9" coil in a trashy area. I got a good deep copper Lincoln VDI reading. Because it was so deep I decided to dig it. I got down about 7-8 inches and saw a glimmer of silver. It was unfamiliar to me with the dirt on it and as I gently cleared the dirt.... not a Reale. I began to see the outline of a tall ship! I just found a 1767 12 Skilling from the Dutch West Indies. I couldn't believe it.

    This park has been hammered in downtown Portsmouth for decades. Just to see, I put it on the ground and then put a copper Lincoln beside it. Yup, my custom program gave the same VDI reading even on the surface. It's probably why it was passed up for just another stinkin Lincoln over the years. That find made my summer.

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