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    Custom Honeymoon Wedding Ring Lost

    by William Diversi Bow, NH on July 4, 2013
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    We were at our timeshare resort in Playa Del Carmon (Sandos) Mexico in October 2012 relaxing and enjoying fun in the sun. A member of our party asked if we knew where my friend Doug was because he brought his metal detector. My wife asked "why"? She said that someone lost their wedding ring playing beach volleyball and they were on their honeymoon. Doug and a few of our friends were playing golf. I said "I have used his metal detector before" and got the detector and proceeded to the beach.

    When I arrived there were about 100+ people sifting through the sand looking for this ring. The bride was from Russia and the groom was from Germany. She had spent months designing his ring and made it by hand. While they were playing, it slipped off his hand. She was crying and was very devastated. At this time people saw the detector and the crowed grew. There was a great deal of pressure and I was determined that I would find it no mater how long it would take.

    I started the grid pattern and started down with a steady sweeping motion down the outer side of the playing area. I took three steps and got a small signal, I said this is a bottle cap. Three people raced over to dig it up anyway. A bottle cap… Six more steps another signal, a small piece of metal again they dug it up only to find a soda can pull tab. At this time, I have traveled the complete length of the playing area. I turned for my next pass heading in the opposite direction when a very powerful signal was heard and a diamond ring appeared on the display at 4.5” down. I reached over and sifted the white sand with my hand and the ring was found!

    Now over 175 people yelled and the bride ran and jumped into my arms and cried on my shoulder for over a minute. The newly married groom opened his wallet and attempted to give me all of his money. I said, I didn’t want his money and just helping and seeing them happy was more than enough payment. There were many tears of joy as far as you could see and a day I will never forget with a borrowed detector.

    This was one of the greatest moments of my life and the biggest treasure this detector has ever seen. I am still saving my money in the hopes to get a detector of my own.

    Editors note: a representative photo has been included with the story.
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