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    My First Eagle Button !!!

    by James Jerdon Myrtle Beach SC on February 13, 2018
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    On Feb 3, 2018 about 20 miles south of Charleston, South Carolina I met up with a few relic hunting buddies from Georgia and Florida. We were hunting on a mid-1600s plantation sight which has produced a lot of unique and amazing finds over the past several years. We started off our morning hunting together but by the early afternoon we had all split up and gone our separate ways. I was armed with my XP Deus with the HF elliptical coil and found myself on the upper end of the property in a thick wooded area. I was finding a lot of old shovels and pix axes which were very deep so I decided to start hunting around the base of some huge pine trees surrounding me.

    I received a very nice tone which I thought was going to be a coin. As I dug the target from the earth, the first thing I noticed once I pinpointed it was a small shank on it, so I then realized it was some sort of a button. As I picked it up and held it in my hand and turned it over - it was then I saw the initials GW and was able to make out the federal eagle in the middle. I knew at that moment what I had but didn’t have any idea how rare it may be. I called my buddies on the radio and advised them that I had found my first eagle button. They all congratulated me and wanted to know what type it was. I then said it was kind of strange looking so they all immediately thought I had a Confederate eagle button until I told them I could make out the initials GW. The hairs on my arms were standing up as I held this small piece of history in my hand. The guys were even more ecstatic than before. We were able to confirm that what I found was in fact a ** George Washington Inaugural Cuff Button!!!!!! **

    The realization sunk in that this truly is an incredible piece of American history that had been lost in the depths of the soil, possibly forever. From the infancy of our country, this represents a link to our first President! The honor was bestowed upon me and I’m forever humbled as an American to preserve this poignant piece of our Nation’s history.

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