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    My Garrett At Gold

    by Graham Port Pirie, Australia on November 13, 2013
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    My name is Graham and I am not much of a writer, but I will give it a go because I am so passionate about my new Garrett Equipment.

    A couple of month ago I was looking for a new hobby and I came up with the idea to purchase a metal detector.

    So I studied all the aspects of the different detectors available and I thought the Garrett was the best.

    Well the first day I took it out for a test run and I was finding coins!

    The next couple of days it got interesting. I started to find old pennies one after another. One being a 1911 penny. That Garrett AT Gold really works I thought.

    Well it did not stop there. In the next couple of days I found $160.00 of coins! Around one place I found a couple of old rings and an Australian 1925 penny, the third rarest in Australia.

    I am so happy I bought my Garrett AT Gold machine. I think when I can afford it I will get a second machine for the misses.
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