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    Silver Ring

    by Jeff Myers Spokane, WA on August 8, 2013
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    I've been metal detecting for about 1 year and have had great sucess finding clad coins.

    I have focused a lot on turn of the century parks in Spokane, WA but had not found any old silver coins or jewelry. The best had been 2 wheat pennies.

    I think more experienced hunters have hit these parks long before I came along. I have read the stories of finding great treasures even in these conditions - just not me.

    In one of the parks, I had just about given up for the day after finding my share of dog tags, bottle caps and clad coins when I got a solid hit under a big old willow tree. My detector indicated it was 5 cents or a pull tab.

    About 2 inches down I found my first ring! It was solid silver and formed a "Z" pattern on the top. Inside the ring was stamped Mexico .925. There's nothing like finding your 1st piece of jewelry to keep you going.

    Now all I need is to find my 1st really old coin.
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