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    Once in a Lifetime find

    by Timothy Smith Averill Park, NY on June 13, 2018
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    My wife and kids were in the back yard detecting. Weeks before I had found a nice detailed brass drawer handle detail by my wife's flower bush. She had insisted that day to pick the areas to detect on the property but I just had a feeling about that spot. So air ventured away and started to detect the flower bush. She soon followed once she heard the detector go off. So once we started to dig I picked up a round piece of what I thought was a part of a brass fixture like a piece of copper pipe. Once I removed the crusted dirt I noticed it was a ring. THE FIRST AND ONLY RING TO DATE!!!! I then noticed the writing on it and knew it was something special. It ended up being a ring from General Lafayette's campaign when he came back to America to see the fruits of his labor after the revolutionary war. It reads "Arrived in New York August 17 1824" and "Lafayette" as well. I can't find any information on the ring itself but just knowing what it is associated with is so exciting!

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